Mobile Food Pantry brings fresh groceries to Old First Ward

Posted at 5:02 PM, Oct 24, 2018

A new partnership between Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, Food Bank of WNY, and Catholic Charities is helping struggling families in Buffalo's Old First Ward access fresh groceries.

The Mobile Food Pantry, spearheaded by the Food Bank of WNY made its first delivery Wednesday morning to the Mercy Comprehensive Care Center on Louisiana Street. This is the first time the nearby Catholic Charities Food Bank has made a delivery to a healthcare-based distribution site in the region.

Families received grocery bags filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutritional support. They can also get healthy recipe ideas and sign up for the Care Center's free community wellness program.

Participants said the mobile food pantry will make a big difference to their families.  According to representatives from the Food Bank of WNY roughly 400 to 500 people are helped during each distribution event.

"A lot of us are low income families, single parents struggling just to make sure our kids can have a full meal," said Desiree Cooper. "It's really important."

The Mobile Food Pantry will make deliveries to the Care Center the fourth Wednesday of every month.

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