Mini Canalside coming to the City of Tonawanda?

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 26, 2018

The City of Tonawanda is taking a bold new approach to improving waterfront access to the historic Erie Canal. 

City Leaders have shut down a stretch of Young Street between Main and Delaware. The idea is to make the area along the water more pedestrian and bike friendly, just like Canalside in Buffalo. 

The City Council approved the street closure back in December. It could be shut down for good according to some city council members. 

City leaders and the mayor are weighing their redevelopment options. They want to attract more foot traffic throughout the City of Tonawanda Downtown area, just like North Tonawanda. 

“It’s bumping over there like we hope it gets to be as busy as it is over there. I feel like once you get on this side of main street it’s a little more toned down,” Lauren Ashley, Owner of Atomic Barbershop & Salon said. 

Ashley said attracting more businesses and addressing parking issues should be a top priority for city leaders, if they want to attract more people. 

“I think having more accessible parking will bring a lot more people to the area. If you’re driving around and you can’t find anywhere you’re not going to stop,” Ashley said. 

The mayor and city council could make a resolution about what happens to this portion of Young Street. There is a city council work session Tuesday at 6pm at the Tonawanda City Hall. 

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