Millions more coming for road repairs in Erie County?

Polncarz proposes $3m in additional road funding
Posted at 5:47 PM, May 03, 2018

It's been a long, cold, hard winter, and it's no secret our roads need a little extra TLC this year.

As a result, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is proposing an additional $3 million in road funding. This money would be used for road construction and rehabilitation work including pavement and shoulder widening, drainage upgrades and safety improvements. 

"After a long and bitter winter, warm weather is upon us and it is time to expedite road repairs in Erie County," said Poloncarz in a news release on Thursday. "While my administration has already committed an initial $28 million in road repairs in 2018, with the first $8 million of repairs already commenced, this additional $3 million will help to do even more."

According to Mr. Poloncarz's office, the additional funding has been added as an amendment to the 2018 Capital Budget Bond Resolution, currently before the Erie County Legislature.


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