Memorial service remembers Buff State student

Posted at 8:27 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 08:11:44-05

Family, friends and former teammates packed a memorial service for 21-year-old Bradley Doyley on Wednesday afternoon.

Doyley was set to graduate in a few months.

"If you know what an ember does, when it touches something it lights it," said friend Derek Jorden, who was close with Doyley through the school's Educational Opportunity Program. "And as you can see, this room is filled with light."

Doyley was a basketball star, active in school organizations and a motivated student.

However, most of all, loved ones remembered his big heart.

"He always wanted to put others before he put himself," recalled former teammate, Jordan Glover. "And that 's one thing he always told us, he'd always be there he'd always be one phone call away."

"His duty was to see everyone around him grow into something successful," recalled Peter Murphy, who became close with Doyley through the Caribbean Students Organization. The two became best friends.

Murphy added that Doyley was from Brooklyn, and was proud of his hometown.

Doyley was one of seven children.

Loved ones said that Doyley believed his mission in life was to inspire and help people. Murphy called his friend, "one of the best counselors on campus," because of his ability to solve problems and make people smile.

During the memorial service, Buffalo State's faculty presented Doyley's parents with a $3,500 check to help cover funeral expenses and his jersey.

However, the most memorable moment came from Tom Koller, the Sr. Associate Director of Athletics. To celebrate Doyley's life, he called him onto the court -- one last time. The crowd gave a standing ovation to their lost loved one.

"Technically us doing that brought his spirit back," said Jorden. "And the energy that was in the room just now was the energy that he gave out just by saying hello to you."

Doyley's death remains under investigation by the Buffalo Police as a possible hazing incident.