Medical marijuana dispensary facing financial troubles

Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 08:58:32-04

For some parents, medical marijuana has drastically changed their children's lives. That's true for plenty at the medical marijuana town hall held at the CHC Learning Center in Buffalo. That includes pharmacist Daniel Ryszka.

“We were just waiting for him to die. There was no other option we tried every medication that was out there, we tried different combinations. What's this going to hurt?” asked Ryszka about medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has dramatically helped Ryszka's two children who suffer from severe epilepsy.
For many at the meeting who use medical marijuana, they get it from Bloomfield Industries. But, the company has run into financial trouble.

In a statement to 7 Eyewitness New, The New York State Department of Health says the company has made the state aware of their ‘financial constraints.’ They are also reviewing the company's request to have new owners take over the company.

The state says they will continue to monitor the situation closely.  

The families who rely on the medication are paying close attention, as well.

“It's critical that this program succeeds,” said Lisa Valle. Her daughter has a medical marijuana prescription.

For Valle and Ryszka the hope is the planned expansion to state medical marijuana program will provide more stability to Bloomfield Industries. Right now, it’s one of only five companies allowed to distribute marijuana in New York. In the expansion, there would be 5 new companies and upwards of 20 new distilleries around the state.

“If you have less doctors and very few patients, how do you maintain a company that probably put millions of dollars into it and not getting a return?” asked Ryszka.

Right now, in New York, 7,600 patients are registered for medical marijuana. Only 700 doctors are registered to prescribe it.

It's a bump in the road for the state's medical marijuana program and with expansion on the horizon, families who rely on the newly legal medication, are taking notice.

We have reached out to Bloomfield Industries, they did not immediately respond.