Meal delivery services boom across WNY

Posted at 6:00 AM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-26 10:04:08-05

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, nor is maintaining a healthy lifestyle when balancing the demands of life. You may have noticed more meal prep delivery services popping up across Western New York. 

After getting let go of his job two years ago, Mike DelZoppo, owner of Eat Rite Foods in Kenmore, made it his life’s goal to get people thinking about affordable sustainable options when it comes to healthy eating. 

“I wanted a fresh start and I wanted other people to experience that too. Two years later, we’ve moved to a bigger location and business is better than I could have ever imagined,” DelZoppo said.

While pre-prepared foods are growing more trendy, the question is, why are they popping up one after another here in the Queen City?

“I think most people are enticed try a healthier option or go towards that route, but the higher the price tag, the harder it is for people to get on board,” DelZoppo continued.

And so, DelZoppo and his team vowed to keep their price point low. The starting point for pre-paid meals is $5.60 per meal. For Individual meals, you can stop in and grab one from the freezer starting at  $6.00.

“Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, neither does eating in a way that’s convenience and the fact of the matter is fewer people have fewer time and the time they do have, they value.”

And while this option may not be for everyone, it appears to be for more people than one might imagine.

One customer stopped in for the first time and told me his food habits center around what’s most convenient given the demands of his job.

“It pretty much always ends up being find something fast, whether it ends up being in the cupboard and fridge or fast food because you’re just exhausted from your day, so this makes it so much better,” he emphasized while checking out. 

Another customer said, “it’s more of a convenience factor for myself, for many people I know.”

But, when it comes to affordability, is it actually affordable?

Well, it depends on your budget, DelZoppos said.

“Ten meals at $56.00, if you were to do that at the grocery store on your own, you’re probably looking at maybe a $7.00 price point. Then, factor in your time worth shopping, your time worth sitting over the stove and preparing your food and your waste, you might start thinking differently,” he said. 

All Eat Rite Foods meals are made fresh, balanced and have the option for pick-up or delivery.

For more information, visit Eat Rite Foods website

Other meal prep delivery service options to consider locally are:

Balanced Body Foods on in Williamsville, Rosalie The Healthy Chef in Buffalo and Project Lean Nation in Buffalo.