CBD oil growing in popularity in WNY

Posted at 11:15 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 09:55:22-05

CBD is a relaxant that comes from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis family. But, unlike marijuana, it is legal in New York State.

That's because unlike weed, CBD has an incredibly low THC level, like hemp.

"CBD decreases the side effects of THC" medical director of DENT Cannabis Clinic Dr. Laszlo Mechtler said. 

THC is the substance in marijuana that gets an individual high. The CBD that is being sold in New York State must contain less than 0.3% of THC, which means there is no high. 

"It doesn't cause you to be high, confused, or disoriented," Dr. Mechtler said.

Used in the medical community, CBD can help with plenty of medical issues. 

"We know today it helps epilepsy, helps multiple sclerosis, anxiety, sleep disturbance."

The lack of THC means, when CBD is taken, it becomes a relaxant. This is often used for individuals who are dealing with pain according to one employee at the Art of Glass smoke shop. 

"People come in here looking for CBD products usually have either anxiety issues or some pain problems that affect them on a daily or weekly basis," Philip Weatherall of Art of Glass smoke shop said. 

CBD, while legal, is not without fault. It is not highly regulated which means there can be inconsistencies in the CBD depending on the company that is producing it. 

"(There is a) high prospective of pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metals ... so you are taking a risk" Dr. Mechtler said.


Correction: The initial version of this report stated that CBD comes from the marijuana plant. While marijuana-based CDB oil does exist, it is not the version that's on sale in New York State. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, in the same family as the marijuana plant.


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