Maple West Elementary showcases tech savvy classrooms

Posted at 5:58 AM, Nov 10, 2017

Learning with a twist.

That’s how one might describe the curriculum-based style in the Williamsville School District, take Maple West Elementary School for example. 

Students at each grade level, in the school and throughout the district learn in conjunction with technological devices everyday..

Williamsville has 7 full time Technology Integrators who work diligently in coaching teachers to enhance, extend and elevate student learning by using devices likes tablets and Chromebooks everyday.

Jennifer Kacala teaches 2nd grade and integrates tablets into every aspect of her teaching experience - whether it’s during reading time, math or social studies. 

“I think it’s great that we are taking advantage of devices that kids use everyday in a way that’s helping them developmentally,” Kacala said.

All elementary schools in the district are set up the same as far as technology.

“We have really developed this program,” Bobbi Hopkins said. As one of the Technology Integrators, Hopkins personally works with two schools, making sure teachers understand how to make use of Apps best suited for their students.

“Essentially, every classroom is a library now. It would be wonderful to see every child with a device,” Hopkins continued.

K-2 teams each have carts of 30 iPads. New this year, second graders have a cart of 30 Chromebooks. In addition, 3rd and 4th graders each have two carts of 30 Chromebooks - which makes 60 devices in total at each grade level. 

“Access to these devices and the variety of Apps out there allow for a different styles of learning,” Hopkins emphasized.

“We’re seeing the benefits. Kids aren’t just memorizing to memorize, they are creating scenarios with math problems and creating their own stories. These experiences, thus far, have proven far more interactive,” she continued.

Not to worry, parents are able to see their child’s work, meanwhile teachers are able to monitor their entire class to ensure devices are used appropriately on a daily basis.