Many local public school teachers disagree with DeVos confirmation

Posted at 5:51 PM, Feb 07, 2017

Some educators will tell you teaching is more than a profession; Deborah Deuro-Naughton included.  “I think it's a calling that you recognize early on,” said Deborah Deuro-Naughton. She’s a second grade teacher at 79th Street School in Niagara Falls.

But she fears that calling could soon be called into question for many aspiring teachers under the direction of Betsy DeVos. “We need a leader. And she's not one.”

DeVos supports expanding charter schools and voucher programs which could divert billions from federal education spending to private schools. “Public school was designed over 350 years ago to be the great equalizer and I think what this nomination is going to try to do is take away that great equalizer,” Deuro-Naughton said.

She's not the only teacher at 79th Street who feels that way. Many quietly protested her confirmation by wearing both black and red in solidarity. “We wear black and red in support of every child, every parent and every teacher who will be negatively impacted by her nomination,” explained Maria Pedulla who is vice president of the teachers union.

That's why teachers like Deborah Deuro-Naughton want the confirmation of Betsy Devos to generate awareness like never before.

“I hope parents and teachers will take this as a message to get involved,” Deuro-Naughton said.