Man who shot President Ronald Reagan goes free

Man who shot President Ronald Reagan goes free
Posted at 4:00 PM, Sep 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-10 16:09:40-04

John Hinckley Junior, who shot President Ronald Reagan and three others back in 1981, is now a free man living with his mother in Williamsburg Virginia. Earlier today, he was released from the Washington mental hospital, where he had been held for more than 35 years.

A judge ruled in late July that the would-be assassin is no longer a danger to himself or the public. Hinckley's doctors testified that his mental health issues were under control, and being effectively treated.

While he is living in Williamsburg, he will see a psychiatrist twice a month, and will attend group therapy weekly.

Hinckley will also be required to work or volunteer at least three days a week. Right now he is required to live with his mother, but after one year he will be allowed to live alone, or with other roommates.

He will have to live with several limits while in Williamsburg: he cannot have social media accounts without permission. Nor is he allowed to seek out information about his crimes or his victims. Hinckley has also been barred from drinking. In addition, Hinckley is also forbidden from speaking with the press.

A special court order allows him to drive within 30 miles of Williamsburg alone, or 50 miles, accompanied by a relative or social worker. He will also be allowed to register to vote, which he has tried to do in the past.

Hinckley's lawyer, Barry Levine, says his client will be a "citizen about whom we can all be proud."