Knife wielding man taken into custody

Posted at 6:20 AM, Mar 16, 2016

A man is in custody after police say he held officers at bay during a domestic dispute with his brother that involved a knife.

An officer arrived around 4 a.m. at 252 State Street and was met at the door by one of the men. He let the officer in and that's when police say 56-year-old Bill Thomas approached the officer with a large kitchen knife in his hand.

"The officer said he was fearful. The reason they had to retreat was the other brother got in between the officer and the suspect. The officer did not have a clear view of the suspect," said Detective Sergeant Todd Crossett.

The police officer and the brother retreated from the house. The suspect closed the door and barricaded himself inside the house refusing to answer any phone calls. The Emergency Response Team responded to the scene shortly after.

A family member came to the scene and talked to Thomas through an open window. Thomas came downstairs but later went back upstairs. A short time later, he again came downstairs but would not show officers his hands. He was tased as police say he started to move towards a closet.

"It could have ended badly," said Crossett. "The officer showed restraint by making sure no one was injured in the incident."

Thomas is in custody and charged with third degree criminal possession of a weapon and menacing a police officer. He is being held at the Genesee County Jail.