Man pleads guilty to negligent homicide after hitting and killing a baby in June

Posted at 10:25 AM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 10:26:10-05

A Buffalo man has pleaded guilty after hitting three people, including a seven-month-old baby who died as a result of the accident.

District Attorney's Office says D'Andre Turner, 43, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide, driving while ability impaired by the influence of drugs and two counts of third degree assault for hitting three people with his car.

Officials say in addition to killing baby Nyree Greene in June, Turner also injured Nyree's mother Shannon Anderson, 23, and Nyree's aunt Britney Davis, 28.

According to the DA's Office, Turner admitted to being under the influence of marijuana. Turner says he was reaching down for a pen on the floor when he hit the three victims.

"Marijuana can be just as dangerous to others as alcohol or controlled substances," says acting District Attorney Michael Flaherty. "There is a reason why it's still prohibited. It has led to horrible, tragic consequences when somebody consumes marijuana and gets behind the wheel of a car."

According to the DA, Turner faces a maximum of two to four years in prison when he is sentenced Monday.