Man meets his blood relatives for the first time in 90 years

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-29 10:10:29-04

A family reunion at Lot 2 of Evans Town Park, seems ordinary. Even with one doubling as a 90th birthday celebration, its still pretty straight forward. But, this family reunion was anything but normal.

Molly is the oldest of seven brothers and sisters. Shes the one turning 90. Her gift was something different; an older brother.

Welcome Uncle Bill. Hes 91.

Bill Wolfers is a retired math teacher. He lives in Florida now, but spent most of his life in Buffalo. His mother died when he was 8-months old. He was adopted.

I had the information about my mother and on the birth certificate, it said father unknown, said Wolfers.

So, for 91 years he knew nothing about his blood relatives, until he went on Ancestry.com. He did a DNA test and turns out, so had his half-brother.  At the age of 91 Wolfers learned he had seven brothers and sisters. Wolfers admits he worried he might not be accepted into his new family.

I could have been rejected by them. As somebody they don't want anything to do with, right? They were warm and friendly and we got along great from the get go. So, I appreciated it very much, aid Wolfers.

Uncle Bill's niece, Angela may have said it best.


There's always room for one more.