Man drives wrong way down one way street, arrested for DWI

Posted at 11:06 AM, Mar 26, 2017

City of Tonawanda Police say an Oakfield man was charged with DWI after he was stopped for driving the wrong way on a one way street and warned not to drive.

Police say Christopher Oliveras, 25, was told to park his car after driving the wrong way. Officers say they stopped him again later in the evening.

Oliveras told officers, "I did park for a little while," and "I was drinking Budweiser's and smoking marijuana."

Police say they found a container of marijuana in the center console of the car.

Oliveras blew a .10 BAC. He was charged with DWI, operating a vehicle over .08, driving while ability impaired by drugs, unlawful possession of marijuana, failure to obey traffic control device and illegal tinted windows. Oliveras was held of $250 bail.