When is the best time to buy?

Timing your purchase right on cars, airfare and weddings can save you a bundle
Posted at 5:00 AM, May 07, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Chances are good that someone in your family is planning a big purchase this year.

But have you stopped to think about what actually is the best time to buy?

7 Eyewitness News Reporter Ed Reilly went looking for answers about the best time to buy cars, gasoline, airfare, televisions and book a wedding venue.

Here is what he found:


According to Paul Stasiak, President of the Niagara Frontier Auto Dealers Association, the best time to buy a new car starts with the Buffalo Auto Show in February and runs for two months afterwards. Manufacturers offer their richest incentives to help dealers move their winter inventory.


Stasiak said seasons affect the best time to buy used cars. Spring is a good time to find a used SUV as people are looking to upgrade from their winter vehicles. Looking for a used high-end vehicle? Fall is your best time because owners don't want to pay for winter storage.


GasBuddy.com found Monday's are the best time to fill up because prices are lower and gas stations are less busy. Fridays are the worst days.
You can read GasBuddy's report here.


Many people believe Tueday's are the best day to get cheap airfare. "That is a myth," said Brian Murray from the AAA of Western & Central NY. Murray said there is a lot of fluctuation in airline prices, thanks to competition from low-cost airlines and the algorithms used by airlines to sell tickets, but the "sweet spot" seems to be buying a ticket 4-5 months before you travel.


Consumers have three good times throughout the year to get deals on TV's. Those happen when new models come out in the spring and the older models are sold off, Black Friday, and the time leading up to the Super Bowl.


While brides may dream about a June wedding, the cheapest time to book wedding venues is in January and February, said Bethany Olczak at Lilypad Weddings & Events in Amherst. Couples can save thousands more if they choose to have a brunch wedding instead of a dinner wedding, added Olczak. What is the optimal wedding size to have the most venue options? 100-125 people gives you the best options, explained Olczak.
Lilypad Wedding & Events website.