Local supermarkets are turning into mini-department stores

Can you believe food stores are selling these?
Posted at 6:44 PM, Dec 12, 2018

AMHERST, N.Y. (WKBW) — Does it seem like Tops and Wegmans have turned into mini-department stores?

It's the "Amazon Effect" as the food stores try to meet customer demand for one-stop shopping with offerings of clothing, jewelry, housewares, toys and luggage.

Online shopping has made it so convenient for people that many are no longer interested in going to multiple stores.

However, people still need groceries and both Tops and Wegmans have greatly expanded the types of non-food products that were once only found in retail stores.

"We have to be ahead of the customer not watching the trends," said Michele Mehaffy, spokesperson for Wegmans.

"They want the convenience and they want the value. So, if we can provide that for them, why not?" added Kathy Sautter, media relations manager for Tops Friendly Markets.

In addition to increasing the number of non-food items in its stores, Wegmans has just launched a new web store where people can buy those items online: https://complements.wegmans.com/

Tops is also running a holiday promotion to help people buy gift cards for presents (or themselves). For a $50 grocery purchase, customers can get $10 off the price of a $50 gift card to a variety of locations. https://www.topsmarkets.com/ChristmasBonus/

7 Eyewitness New Reporter Ed Reilly takes a closer look at the type of non-food items that are now in the stores.