As grocery prices rise, here are a few ways to save at the supermarket

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 18:22:32-04

In the past ten years, the price of food has climbed nearly 27 percent, according to USA Today. The inflation rate over the same period was around 22 percent.

That's something Suzanne Gracie, a mother of three from North Buffalo, has noticed.

"I have a 'buy price' in my mind where if I get it for this price with a coupon and a sale, that's when I'll stock up," she explained. "That price has gone up over the years because I've realized that I can no longer get it for that lower price."

After years of coupon clipping for her family and spotting deals to share with friends, she now runs Suzy Saver WNY. It's a coupon blog that keeps track of the best local deals for groceries (and a number of other products).

"If you're seeing your grocery bill climb, which many of us are, the best thing you can do is watch the sale cycles and keep an eye on when things go on sale," Gracie said. "Purchase items when they're on sale when you can. Use coupons when available and stock up on those items that you know you use."

Gracie has learned the best time of the year to buy health food products is January, when many manufacturers are trying to capitalize on New Year's Resolutions. Right now, she says, is when grilling items are usually at their best price.

She recommends using different apps that can help find relevant coupons or rebate offers. Those can oftentimes be combined with coupons clipped from circulars or store coupons, which helps maximize savings.

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