Making Ends Meet: "We really aren't the old Goodwill anymore."

Posted at 4:23 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 18:29:33-04

Fall is a busy time for many people as they look to change their wardrobe for the colder weather.

But why pay full price for clothes when you get things for a fraction?

Goodwill of WNY operates 12 stores that sell a variety of apparel for men, women and children. However, many people overlook those stores because of a "stigma" that Goodwill only sells worn-out merchandise for poor people.

"Your favorite brands are the things that you will find here.  Not just something someone didn't want to wear.  It is good stuff," said Linda Maraszek, Marketing & Community Relations Manager for Goodwill.

Maraszek said many people don't realize that Goodwill stores have been remodeled with clothes now sorted by size to make shopping easier.

The organization's newest store recently opened at 4790 Transit Road, Depew.

While the clothing does come from donations, it is sorted for quality control with only nice garments put out for sale - including many new and never worn pieces of clothing.  Worn-out, ripped and unusable clothing is sent for recycling.

Savings can be substantial.  For example, name brand women's dresses, like Calvin Klein and Express, sell for $6.39.

"We want you to come back and see us if you haven't in a while.  We really aren't the old Goodwill anymore," added Maraszek.

In addition, purchases at Goodwill stores fund workforce training programs for the poor and people with disabilities.  Income from stores sales, as well as community donations, play a key role in helping Goodwill meet its mission to help the community.

7 Eyewitness News Reporter Ed Reilly will take a closer look at what clothing is available from Goodwill stores and how much you can save.


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