Make Food Not Bombs: free hot meals for anyone who is hungry

Posted at 6:28 PM, Nov 19, 2018

Andrew Marconi stands at the top of Lafayette Square shouting "Free food. Free Food."

He is a volunteer with Food Not Bombs. It's organization that gives out free warm vegan meals to anyone that is hungry. 

“A little bit of food just might be that extra thing to get over the hurdle that makes that person like better great," Marconi said.

Food Not Bombs is a global organization. The Buffalo chapter doubles as an environmental group. All the food it hands out is leftovers from grocery stores.

“There a lot of stuff that eventually at a grocery store cosmetically doesn't look as appealing, but if you can cook it up, it still looks wonderful and very edible," Marconi said.

It's their goal to have as little an environmental impact as possible. They also reuse containers that would normally be thrown out after one use.

They serve food in Lafayette Square every Monday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m rain or shine.

“They our out here whether we are hot here or not so we have to be here," Cat McCarthy another volunteer with Food Not Bombs, said. “Last year we were out on Christmas Day. It doesn't matter. We are here."

She also said that her group of cooks and servers goes to political demonstrations to serve food to protestors.

In fact, the name Food Not Bombs is political. It's in protest to American military action across the planet.

"The government puts money into war and not into saving people and feeding the hungry," McCarthy said.


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