MADD raises awareness about drinking and driving during most dangerous driving season

Posted at 3:11 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 15:11:55-05

For the 30th year in a row, the Thruway Authority and Mothers Against Drunk Driving  (MADD) are handing out red ribbons at select toll plazas and service areas in an effort to spread awareness about DWI prevention.

The Red Ribbon Campaign is MADD's longest running and most visible awareness tactic.

The ribbons are a foot long and are meant to be displayed on cars to make other drivers aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, and to encourage people to take the pledge to not drink and drive.

"Drunk and impaired driving is a choice that needlessly kills hundreds and injuries thousands in our state each year," said New York State Police Superintendent George Beach II. "If your holiday celebrations include drinking, plan ahead to make certain that you have a safe ride home."

Toll collectors will hand out red ribbons at the following thruway locations:

  • New Rochelle Toll Barrier
  • Exit 15 (NJ I-287 South)
  • Exit 17 (Newburgh)
  • Exit 24 (Albany)
  • Exit B3 (NY Route 22 - Mass Pike)
  • Exit 25A (Schenectady)
  • Exit 34A (Syracuse - I-481)
  • Exit 36 (Watertown - Binghamton)
  • Exit 39 (Syracuse - I-690)
  • Exit 45 (Rochester - I-490)
  • Exit 46 (Rochester - I-390)
  • Exit 50 (Williamsville)
  • Exit 55 (Lackawanna)
  • Exit 61 (Ripley - PA State Line)
  • Grand Island Bridge North Toll Barrier

"Between Christmas and New Year's is the most dangerous time to be on the roads," said Executive Director of MADD New York State Richard Mallow. "MADD asks everyone to have a plan to get home from holiday and family parties safely - whether that is a non-drinking designated driver or a ride sharing service. Keep everyone safe. Happy New Year."