Love Story: AM&A opens doors for first time in 20 years for photography popup

Posted at 11:24 PM, Dec 07, 2018

40 years later and the Beith's felt like they never left. AM&A, Buffalo's famed department store that closed in 1998, reopened a one-night local photography popup. Hundreds of community members gathered for the art work and the memories, but for the Beiths, it wasn't memories of holiday shopping. 

“The day he asked me for my phone number I came out the doors the biggest fattest snowflakes were flying and I was singing Christmas carols," Christina Beith said while looking at her husband George. 

Her boot zipper was broke in 1978 and George just so happened to be working on the fourth floor of AM&A and helped point her in the right direction.

“To me it was a Cinderella story, it was on the 4th floor, women’s better shoes," Christina said. 

"My little heart, my brain was saying do it now before she’s gone. So I asked her for her phone number and she said ‘Why is there something I forgot? And she said, ‘No, how about a cup of coffee,’” George said. 

After a phone call back the day later and dinner at Christina's house, their first date followed a few days later on December 8th, 1978. 

Joining the Beith's were hundreds of art connoisseurs viewing a purchasing affordable art from local photographers. Others spent time reminiscing on a building that had an uncertain future in the 90s, that still exists today. 


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