Lockport Police make possible life-saving rescue

Lockport Police make possible life-saving rescue
Posted at 10:22 AM, Jul 07, 2018

Two Lockport Police Officers sprung into action to make a potential life-saving rescue at a two-alarm fire early Saturday morning.

The City of Lockport Fire Department responded to a fire at 230 Church Street just after 1 a.m., with reports of occupants trapped inside.

According to LFD, the two-story home had smoke and flames coming from the first floor, firefighters worked to establish a water supply and prepared to make an entrance, during this time Lockport Police located a trapped occupant. 

LPD Lt. Matthew Hurtgam and Officer Matthew Vosler went to the window where they located the trapped occupant, removed an air conditioning unit, and removed the victim through the window.

According to LFD, if not for the quick actions of these officers, the occupant may have not made it out of the residence.

The victim was treated for burns and smoke inhalation at the scene.

The only injury reported was to the homeowner, who was transferred to ECMC for further treatment.

The other occupant managed to leave the home safely.

The damage is estimated at $40,000 for the property and $25,000 for the contents.

No further information is available at this time.

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