Lockport hosts police support rally

Posted at 12:50 PM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 18:24:26-04

Sunday morning people gathered in Lockport to show their support for Law Enforcement Officers.

In light of recent shootings of police officers around the country, organizers were looking to "Back the Blue" for local officers and beyond.

Dan Devlin from "The Detective Dan Devlin Show: Honorable People - Honorable Nation" was a special guest speaker at the event.

"Officers go to work and really truly everyday they don't know if they're going to go home at the end of the day," said Devlin. "But we want them to know that in spite of what many people are saying out there, we realize that the vast majority of them are doing the job that we want them to do."

One of the rally organizers, Mark Barbaro, added that he wants to plan even more of these events to continue showing appreciation for law enforcement.

More than 60 people showed their support Sunday morning, along with five sheriffs, three state troopers and three correction officers.

Attendees were asked to bring American Flags and signs that read "Back the Blue" to show support.