Local women head to march on Washington

Posted at 11:21 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 23:21:31-05
Hundreds of Western New York women are heading to the Women's March on Washington.

That's part of the reason Zoom Downtown, a local print shop has been overwhelmed with calls from customers, wanting signs for the Women's March on Washington.
"In the last 24 hours we have made some signs as a request of some customers, and the phones have been ringing off the hook," said Zoom Owner Rory Allen.
Hundreds of signs have been printed for people who want their voices heard as the Nation swears in its 45th President.
It's not just words to describe solidarity. Vicki Barr-Zittel has been crocheting for a hat project that's become a National movement of its own. Women will be wearing their hand-knit or crochet hats shaped as car ears to the March on Washington.
"I really like the solidarity that it shows," she said. "It shows people coming together, and looking like they've come together."
"It's going to be really wonderful seeing my hats in with a crowd of other hats," Barr-Zittel said.
Karen Edmond will also be one of the many Buffalonians heading to the March.
"I have to walk, I have to march," she said. "I have to feel the strength in the message that we're sending."