Local "supermom" coach using social media to boost business

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 11:10:51-05

Rachael Phillips may run a business called AKA Supermom, but she'll be the first to admit that doesn't mean she's pretending to be perfect.

"It's constantly challenging," she said. "They're constantly growing, so you constantly have to grow. And your source of balance constantly changes because the demands change."

It's that source of "balance" she works so hard to maintain herself and works with other moms across Western New York so they can find theirs.

Phillips has three children. Gevrey, 5, and Quincy, 3, are her two boys. One-year-old Tailly is her little girl. The family of five lives in South Wales after moving to the area from Maryland three years ago.

When Gevrey was first born, Phillips realized she was struggling. Of course she loved her son, but the challenges of motherhood were taking a toll. She says she felt lost.

"I remember thinking that my son is seeing a not happy mom right now," she explained. "His role and his idea of what a woman is and what a mom is not a happy one because I was not in a happy place. I knew I deserved to be in a happy place just as much as he deserved to have a happy mother."

Those challenges gave birth to Phillips' business. She calls herself a "purposeful motherhood coach". She worked to find something outside of being a mom that makes her happy. Those passions (for Phillips it is running, reading, crafts and, of course, her business) helped her find balance.

Now, she shares her experiences and helps other moms "make motherhood work for them".

"More than anything, I offer a place where I want women to know they're not alone in feeling lost or not alone in saying that motherhood is hard, or maybe harder than you ever thought of it," Phillips said.

But, in order to grow her business and connect with moms all across WNY, Phillips turned to social media.

She runs a large Facebook group, Supermom Empowerment Community (you can find it here). More than 300 moms are members in the group offering support to each other and participating in free challenges posted by Phillips. The Shed the Guilt Challenge starts February 26.

Then, there's Meetup.com. It's a website designed to connect people of similar interest who want to meet with each other in person. Phillips runs a group on that site (here's the link) which she uses to find new mothers looking to meet new people and post about the group's workshops and meetups.

"Moms--you just don't have time to go make friends," Phillips said. "So this is an excellent opportunity to put it out there. You get to meet people who have like minded interests."

The group's next meetup is Tuesday, February 13 at Mangia in Orchard Park.

Phillips also offers free, 45 minute "beyond motherhood" sessions. For more information you can email Phillips at Rachael@akasupermom.com.

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