School uses hands on method despite technology

Posted at 1:45 PM, Sep 22, 2015

Fourth grader Fiona Murphy travels a long time to get to school.

“The bus ride is about 35 minutes. On the way home it is longer,” Murphy said.

She said it is worth every minute when she arrives at theAurora Waldorf School in West Falls.“I love all the subjects and they are not too difficult to me,” Fiona said.

As other schools race toward technology, the Waldorf School is about hands on, one-one learning, without technology including computers and iPads.

“We are not against technology, we just are for using it thoughtfully and much later in a student’s academic career. We have a rigorous academic curriculum and learn with movement and art,” Teacher Meghan Gomez said.

What does learning through movement mean? Ms. Gomez' fourth grade class showed 7 Eyewitness News what it is all about.

“So this morning we did a rhythmic lesson with fractions,” Gomez said.

The school also wants teachers to get to know the students and their families. Ms. Gomez has been with her class since kindergarten.

Another unique aspect of the school is that along with traditional books, they also make their own textbooks.

As for Fiona and other students, they say they come into school energized and ready to learn.

“When the bus pulls up I'm excited to get warmed up in the morning and ready for main lesson,” student Steven Walters said.

Student Callaway Nussbaumer agree. “I think it is awesome and there is no school like this,” Callaway said.




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