Local restaurants see benefit of high Canadian dollar

Posted at 12:16 AM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 00:16:38-04

The Canadian dollar reached its highest point in the last 14 months on Tuesday. Rising to .79 cents, this marks an increase from .73 cents that was seen just four months ago. 

As these prices go up, more Canadians are making the trip across the border to shop and dine in the Niagara Falls area. While a .06 cent increase doesn't seem like much, businesses near the Fashion Outlets are seeing the benefits and noticing their new customers. 

"When the dollar was really down we stopped seeing a lot of Canadians." Juan Castillo, Manager of La Galero said, "But now it's starting to get up there so we're starting to see more come in and spending their dollars here."

Canadian sales tax is incredibly high compared to those in the United States which give incentives for Canadians to take the short trip south of the border to spend a decent amount of time enjoying themselves. 

According to Castillo, "They come to the Outlet malls and sometimes spend up to a week here". 

Castillo is hoping this trend continues as he knows just how difficult it was when the Canadian dollar was down."

"When it was bad they (Canadians) were apologizing for not coming here because their dollar wasn't as good as it was, but now it's good."