Local Restaurant Copes With Water Main Break

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 19:03:54-04

Yesterday's water main break has affected pretty much everyone, from residents to business owners. And though the water is back on, the Erie County Health Department says precautionary measures are necessary to avoid contamination, at least for another two to three days. Which may not be the best news if you are running a restaurant.

Gabriela Ragusa, co-owner of Giancarlo's Restaurant in Williamsville, said she and her team have been doing everything possible to keep business up and running as usual. For now, they are relying on bottled water, previously bought bags of ice and extra hands on deck - but it hasn't been. 

"We will be secure in most departments, but the dishes will be the biggest factor that we are working hard to keep safe. I'm just scheduling heavy. It's summertime, everyone is having a fun time working and sometimes in emergency situations like this people are more eager to help out and you know we just are trying to make the best of it," she expressed. 

According to Ragusa, they have no plans to close their doors, but if things get unmanageable management will reconsider their plan of action. And as for their water, she said they are in complete accordance with Health Department standards.

For more from the Health Department, visit: http://www2.erie.gov/health/