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Woman living in Amsterdam ends up in Bills fans group chat, becomes a fan for life

She and fellow fan to appear on Kelly Clarkson show
Posted at 6:57 PM, Feb 06, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — This story takes the phrase 'new phone who's this?' to another level.

Amanda Perino lives in Amsterdam but travels to the U.S. for work. Last year she got a U.S. number that belonged to someone else.

As soon as she turned on her phone, a bunch of texts started coming in, and she realized she had become a part of a group chat of die hard Buffalo Bills fans.

Richard Sterner was one of them.

"One day we randomly got a text message our friend in the thread that said hey friends, not sure whose number you think this is but I just signed up for this number," he said.

After some time of being quiet, Perino - who Sterner didn't know was a woman - started texting. She was known to them by the nickname NKG.

"[She was] being included in our jokes and our fun and so forth and we were like hey, this guy's really cool," said Sterner.

So they decided to invited her to a Bills game to which she agreed. The night before the game they planned to meet at a downtown bar.

"She starts laughing at me and I said is something funny? And she opens up her denim jacket and it's a t-shirt that says NKG. And I'm like stop. This isn't you," said Sterner.

Sterner asked Perino where she found the courage to come alone to meet a group of strangers, and she said she and her mother looked them up on Facebook and decided they were a group of decent guys.

The next day they all then went to the game, and Perino was officially part of the Bills Mafia.

"She had a great time in Buffalo," said Sterner. " Just introducing her to a Bills game, introducing her to the Bills Mafia, introducing her to just the hospitality that Buffalo fans and the city brings."

You can watch them tell their story on the Kelly Clarkson show Friday at 4 p.m. right here on 7 ABC.