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WNYers rally against abortion bans

Posted at 11:35 PM, May 21, 2019

Monday’s rally in Buffalo was one of many held across the country. It comes as other states like Alabama are re-working their abortion laws.

Over one hundred Western New Yorkers came to show their disapproval in the Elmwood Village.

“Anger. Rage. My uterus was full of rage,” said Jennifer Page when she heard about Alabama’s stricter abortion laws.

The men and women rallying fear if more laws are passed to prevent women from receiving abortions, women will be forced to take drastic measures to receive one.

“People will die. People are already dying to access safe healthcare and Roe has been chipped away for years. So, if that happens, more people will die,” said Page.

Nearly everyone here at the rally was pro-choice. One woman was not.

“I would like to promote dialogue about the abortion issue,” said Aeyna Magdylan.

She says Alabama's new law is extreme when it comes to rape and incest, but she says abortion should almost never be an option.

“I feel a baby is a gift. Even in the very worst circumstances,” said Magdylan.

The women rallying, say the exact same thing about lawmakers throughout the country, their choices have consequences.

“None of us are free until all of us are free. And we stand united with the people of Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri, etc,” said Page.
Abortion is back in the political forefront and with a possible challenge to Roe V Wade, it may stay in the forefront, for a long time.