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WNY author writes books to make reading easier for kids with ADHD

Posted at 11:35 PM, Nov 19, 2019

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — For a child who finds reading a challenge, a library can be a daunting place.

“He would try so hard. It's not that he wasn't trying,” said Keith White Jr. about one his three children.

His son, who deals with ADHD couldn't get a through a book in elementary school.

“He would just read the same page and he'd read it, and he would just struggle. He tried so hard,” said White Jr.

When it came to writing book reports, White Jr. struck a deal with his son's teacher. What if White Jr. wrote the book and his son wrote a report on his book. The teacher agreed.

“He came home. It was the first time he got an ‘A’ on anything in school really. He got off the bus, he was holding it in his hands. He was so proud of himself. That day I started writing the second book and now there are 41 of them,” added White Jr.

Here's how the books work. You read a chapter, then there's a picture ready to be colored. It gives the kids something to look forward to.

“It kind of gives them a break in between so they can kind of relax before they start reading again, so they keep reading because they had that break in between,” said White Jr.

His son is in high school, now, and on the honor roll. The books are available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Even with White Jr. continuing to add to his 41 book "Color-With-Me" adventure series, his favorite is his first. The book that got his son that first "A."