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Why Gov. Cuomo didn't take questions from reporters during a recent visit to WNY

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 13, 2019

Twice in three days, Governor Andrew Cuomo made trips to western New York.

Once on Sunday for the windstorm, and again Tuesday to announce $50 million in funding for Buffalo's east side.

Many say both are worthy of a visit from the state's top official.

Tuesday, even though reporters were repeatedly told by Cuomo’s aides he would have time to take questions, he did not.

According to a staffer, the governor had to get back to Albany for budget negotiations.

As for how much in tax dollars the governor's office spent for these appearances: we filed a freedom of information request with Cuomo’s office. We are still waiting for that information.

In a statement, a spokesman said "the Governor's travel for official business doesn't cost anything. He travels in state-owned vehicles that are already paid for and operated by salaried employees. Raising awareness and briefing the media to accurately report on an incoming storm is priceless if it helps inform New Yorkers and avoids preventable tragedy."

Editor's note: The governor's staff did give reporters an opportunity to ask off-topic questions during his visit to the area on Sunday during the windstorm. An earlier version of this story stated the media were told they could not ask questions unrelated to the weather.