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Western New York steps up for scammed Amherst couple

WNY couple scammed
Posted at 12:19 AM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-23 00:19:21-04

AMHERST, N.Y. (WKBW) — It's moving day for Michael Baehr and Daisy Hopper; mattress, box spring, headboard, and a place to put their stuff.

On Monday, 7 Eyewitness News told the story of these new residents of Amherst.

They were scammed by a moving company.

Nearly everything they own is across the country and they can't get it.

They've been sleeping on the floor.

Western New York wouldn't let that stand.

“If people need help, we are here to help,” said Michael Chamberlain from Hertel Home Consignment.

“We have resources to help, the ability to help. This is Buffalo and we are known for being a community, city of good neighbors,” said Angelo Cicatello.

This new furniture is a gift. Cicatello had to do something.

“Let's put something together and help these folks, so they don't have to sleep on the floor another night,” said Cicatello.

He called George from Extreme Discount Mattress Warehouse and Michael Chamberlain from Hertel Home Consignment.

They jumped at the opportunity to help.

And for the first time in over a month, Michael and Daisy won't sleep on the floor.

“We've lived in a few different places, and no one responds like this. Ever,” said Michael Baehr, they just moved from Las Vegas over a month ago.

“We made the 100% right choice to move to Buffalo,” said Hopper. “We're still going to try and hopefully get our stuff back we're definitely going to you know try and pay this forward.”

Daisy and Michael, given a rude awakening in their move to WNY, are quickly learning about the generosity that is often found here.