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West Hollywood coffee shop donates over $16,000 to Feedmore WNY

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jul 13, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — For the past month, jars each with a different charity name have been collecting tokens outside of the Superba Coffee Shop in West Hollywood.

The program is called Superba Gives and the owner decided he’s going to donate profits every month, split between three different charities.

So when tragedy struck her hometown on May 14, more than 2200 miles away at the Jefferson Avenue Tops, Hamburg native and Superba general manager, Brittne Rehrauer knew she had to do something.

"Being so far away you just feel so helpless," said Rehrauer.

Knowing her company donates to charity each month, she nominated Feedmore WNY as one of the participating charities for June and it was accepted.

The jars were placed in front of the store and customers were encouraged to take a token and place it in the jar of the charity that spoke to them.

The percentages of the tokens are tallied and the money is distributed so that everyone gets something.

Rehrauer says the donation jar sparked conversations among customers.

"I did not realize there were so many of us and I’ve gotten to know a few of my customers who I had no idea had connections to the WNY area because of this with the jar sitting there. So it really brought a sense of home to where I work which is so far away," said Rehrauer.

In total, Superba Gives donated more than $16,000 dollars to Feedmore WNY.

"I feel incredible especially because many of the charities are locally based, so the fact that so many people gave to a charity so far away made me feel really good," said Rehrauer.

FeedMore WNY says:

“Whether it’s a donation of time to help deliver meals, work in our warehouse, or at a distribution event to a financial or product contribution, FeedMore WNY greatly appreciates every act of generosity from the public. It is rewarding for us as an organization to know the public supports our mission. Those feeling are magnified when someone makes the extra effort to support our work from across the country.”