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Video: Close call for one helicopter flying over Niagara Falls

Posted at 5:24 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 19:49:54-05

Too close for comfort.

A video recently posted to YouTube shows a Rainbow Air helicopter narrowly missing an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone high above Niagara Falls last season.

“We're glad nothing did happen,” said Rainbow Air Vice President, Pat Proctor.

In this case the drone was flying in restricted airspace and too low to the ground. We're told the pilot also didn't file a flight plan with the FAA or Transport Canada.

According to the YouTube channel, the owner of the drone is taking full responsibility. In a statement, the pilot said in part "I made a mistake. Once I landed the drone and processed what had happened, I was terrified. I couldn't imagine crashing into a helicopter possibly causing it to crash and kill someone. I've learned my lesson. I hope others will learn from this as well."

The fine for flying a drone in the park is $250, and that's not including any federal penalties.

Currently, there are no signs in the park explaining drone restrictions. Niagara Falls Park Police said they would take away from the beauty of the park.

“Let's educate the drone pilots. Let's let them know that CYR518 is a restricted airspace,” Proctor added.