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U.B. graduate looking to jump into record books

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-29 17:40:31-04

A University at Buffalo graduate was hoping to reach new heights.

Christopher Spell, of Cortlandt Manor, wants to break the Guinness World Record for highest standing jump.

The current record stands at 63.6 inches. Spell recorded two attempts earlier this month. One measured 64.5 inches, and the second was 64.6 inches.

Monday, the 23-year-old learned Guinness denied his attempts. According to Spell, the record keeper said the boxes he landed on were too soft. It said he needed to use something more rigid.

“I'm going to keep on doing it over and over again until I get this record.”

His athleticism is no accident. Spell started playing football when he was younger. He also played for U.B. and plans to try out for Canada’s football league. “We had some competitions in the off-season. So, I knew I was a pretty good jumper,” Spell explained.

Spell said he began training to break the record in August of 2018. He worked out six days a week with a combination of weight training and jumping. “It's really all about being consistent, sticking with it and getting adequate rest, too.”

Spell isn’t sure when he’ll apply again to break the record.