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Two new sweet spots in Buffalo

Posted at 6:54 AM, Sep 18, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Tony the Tiger, Lucky from Lucky Charms, Buzzbee from Honey Nut Cheerios, and Josh Allen's Josh's Jaqs -- gang is all here at the new Cereal desert spot on Hertel Avenue.

“We are the city that smells like cereal so why not open up a cereal spot?” Ranger Korpanty co-owner of the Cereal Spotsaid.

Offering 70 different kinds of cereal, 8 milk options, and ice cream-- Owners Eric Dacey and Ranger Korpanty want you to be your own cereal chef.

“No matter how old you are we want you to be able to pick out your items...Mix and match your cereals and two toppings from fresh fruit to candy to a scoop of ice cream,” Dacey said.

From Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo to Seneca Street in South Buffalo.

“Right when you come in we want you to smell the cookies the waffle cones we make,”Gino Gatti, co-owner of Hook & Ladder Development and Cookies and Cream ice cream shop.

Gatti is one of the three Buffalo firefighters who own Hook & Ladder Development. Gatti, John Otto, and Pete Scarcello wanted to bring an ice cream shop to the neighborhood.

Cookies and Cream is serving 19 different ice cream flavors and cookie sandwiches the size of your head!

“We decided that an ice cream shop is one of the foundational pieces of rebuilding a neighborhood,” Otto said.

Their most popular cookie is the triple chocolate but they also have Reese Cup, mini M&M, Salted Carmel, S'mores, Blueberry Lemon, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, and more.

They also sell blizzards but call them 77s... 19 flavors of 77s means these milkshakes are named after the Blizzard of 77.

“Right now it seems like everyone is a little tense and a little uptight and if you can come in here you can wear your mask, you can social distance and breathe a little and at least take your mind off the world and enjoy some cookies and cream,” Otto said.

“Both sweet spots have their grand opening Saturday, September 19th. The Cereal Spot opens at 8am and Cookies and Cream at 11am.