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The coolest nerds in Western New York

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jun 30, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — With 80s music blasting and six musicians dancing across the stage-- Nerds Gone Wild is a local band that has thousands of fans.

By day they work 9-5 jobs just like you, but when the weekend comes around they throw on their nerdy outfits and rock out on stage.

The band is made up of many nerdy characters. Drummer Eddie Tabone as Eugene, guitar player John Gibbon as Gilbert, keyboard player Vid Cuddihy as Vidman, second keyboard player Brian Beaudry as Irwin, bass player Shane Davis as Shamus, and lead singer Ed Wyner as Milton. The group is filled with a lawyer, engineer, insurance agent, beer distributor, and a sales manager but the moment they get on stage they transform into very talented musicians.

"Every thing is broken at your day job and then you come here and the lights come on and you just go because you love it," Cuddihy said.

Back in 2013, Eddie Tabone thought there was a need in Western New York for an 80s cover band. With inspirations from bands from Las Vegas and Pennsylvania, Tabone assembled the Nerds Gone Wild and have been rocking out ever since.

The energetic group will be on stage between two and four hours a night. Many ask how they have the energy to do sometimes three shows a week... their answer? The fans.

"You look out and there's toddlers and there will be people in their 70s and 80s and everyone is welcome," Wyner said.

Band members say "Nerd Nation" makes it all worth it. The nerds say they love entertaining people.

"You can help people forget about their daily grind for a couple of hours there's no better feeling, if you can help raise money for folks there's no better feeling," Davis said.

You can find where the Nerds Gone Wild will be headed next on their Facebook page here. They will be at the Lancaster Independence Day celebration for the 3rd of July.