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Teen helps elderly with setting up COVID-19 vaccination appointments

Posted at 12:33 AM, Feb 24, 2021

DERBY, N.Y. (WKBW) — Dominic Redman, a junior at Canisius High School, is helping dozens of elderly get vaccinated. It all started with phone call from grandmother.

“She was confused about how to do it,” said Redman.

“She couldn't figure out the system. She couldn't navigate the system she kept getting bumped out,” said Jill Redman, Dominic’s mother.

Dominic decided to help. He got online and a few moments later, his grandmother had an appointment for her COVID-19 vaccination.

“She started telling her sisters and brothers. So, then they started contacting me and I was like, OK, well I can do that for them, too,” said Dominic.

His grandmother told her friends too, including Louise Dejames.

“It's like a needle in the haystack trying to get an appointment when you don't really know what to do,” said Dejames. She’s 85 and needed help setting up her vaccine.

Dominic realized he could help more people. So, he put this ad in the Angola Penny Saver. Gathering only the basic information, he's helped book more than 20 vaccination appointments. He's working to get 30 more booked.

“Once I got my family vaccinated, it really made me feel special,” said Dominic.

“He has a desire to go into the medical field. His desires to ‘do no harm,’ to do only good. This was a great way to incorporate his service to the community and get people vaccinated,” said Jill about her son.

Dominic’s number to help set up an appointment is 335-8049. He’s looking for other people to help him with the amount of calls he’s receiving. If you're struggling to get a vaccination appointment, Dominic says, keep trying, and if you need help, ask for help.

He says you can check the links below to see if there is any availability. [] [] [] [] [] [] []