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Taste and odor issues for water customers in Village of Fredonia, officials say water is safe

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Posted at 1:52 PM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 13:52:29-04

FREDONIA, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Chautauqua County Health Department announced it is aware of taste and odor issues that water customers of the Village of Fredonia are experiencing but the water is safe for consumption and use.

"Flushing is currently being completed throughout the Village of Fredonia and Town of Pomfret water districts to facilitate clearing any discolored water from the distribution system. At the direction of the Health Department, the Village of Fredonia will continue flushing and increase bacteriological monitoring in areas of the distribution system where these water quality issues are being reported," a release says.

The health department says its investigation indicates there may be multiple factors leading to the issues:

1) The Village of Fredonia recently purchased water from and sold water to the City of Dunkirk through an interconnection between the two municipalities. Additionally, water demand in the Village has increased significantly due to the increase of SUNY Fredonia’s population. All of these scenarios have an impact on flow direction in the Village’s distribution system, which can result in tuberculation in the water main to turn the water discolored accompanied with an iron-like metallic taste.

2) Water temperature in the Village’s drinking water reservoir has increased. An increase in temperature may result in an increase in microbial growth that can lead to minor taste and odor issues, even after being adequately treated in the water treatment plant.

Officials say a multi-million dollar project is currently underway at the plant and only a portion is in operation as a result but the plant is and has been treating the water in compliance with NYSDOH standards.

The majority project is expected to be completed later this week or early next week, officials expect the water quality to continuously improve.

"If you experience any odor, taste, or discolored water, please contact the Village of Fredonia Department of Public Works and further water quality monitoring will be conducted," a release says.

For more information, contact the Village of Fredonia at (716) 679-2304 or the Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services, Health Department at (716) 753-4481.