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Sunflowers of Sanborn will bloom again

Posted at 6:10 AM, Apr 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 18:52:30-04

SANBORN, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Sunflowers Of Sanborn will bloom once again. The picturesque sunflower farm will re-open after getting a cease and desist order last year.

The Sunflowers farm belonged to an agricultural zone that was not allowed to host special events. This year the Town of Cambria changed their zoning ordinance so that all businesses in the zones are able to apply for the special event permits.

"We have kinda come to a resolution with everything so moving forward, everything will be good," Louise Brachmann said.

The owners will appear in front of the planning board to get approval of events happening this summer and fall.

"That allows us to move forward, we will get our special events... we are preparing them as we speak," Brachmann said. An event schedule is coming soon.

With these changes, one Cambria business owner says she hopes the regulations will not scare away other agri-tourism businesses. Robin Ross, owner of Arrowhead Spring Vineyards just down the road from the sunflowers, says she is concerned that the confusion with the zoning could stall growth.

"I think the town is getting the kind of reputation that they are difficult to do business in and I don't think that helps bring business into the area," Ross said.

Ross also said she is concerned with the transfer of ownership permit that is stated in the town ordinance.

"If I was buying a business or buying a farm Cambria or in Niagara Tourism Business, I would be a little bit concerned that the business is currently operating under one owner may not be able to operate under me when I purchase it," Ross said. "I am concerned about that wording in the new town ordinance."

We reached out to the Town of Cambria but did not get a call back.

The Sunflowers of Sanborn plans to open August 1st.