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Summer of no fans at baseball games hurts local businesses

No fans allowed at Blue Jay's Opening Day
Posted at 7:28 PM, Aug 11, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Union Pub is just a stone's throw away from Sahlen Field. While baseball may be back in Buffalo, with the Toronto Blue Jays playing their first game at Sahlen Field Tuesday evening, fans are not back.

Union Pub General Manager Jay Medynski said Bisons games bring big business.

“It’s been challenging not having baseball across the street for sure," he said.

Fans would typically come in before, during, and after games. Opening day was typically one of the busiest.

Tim Boland is a Bisons and Blue Jays fan and has been attending games at Sahlen Field for more than 25 years. He said he would arrive a couple of hours before the game with his family of four, they spent money on things like dining and parking.

“Probably about $200 bucks, but you know that’s when we’re being on the extravagant end," Boland said. "You could come down here you don't have to spend a fortune $25 a person, 100 bucks.

The Blue Jays debut is bringing back some business. Medynski said they booked many reservations for people looking to get close to the action.

“We’re gonna watch it all on TV together, you know it’s a whole different world right now with things, so we’re gonna make the most of it," Medynski said.

While customers can still get beer from the decorative Bisons tap, a Buffalo Blue Jay cocktail is on the menu too.