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Strong winds keeping truck drivers off roads

Posted at 6:24 PM, Feb 24, 2019

With wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour, some truck drivers are getting off the road and waiting out the storm.

“It was crazy. I'm just gonna sit drown and wait till tomorrow see what happens,” Peter Corma, a truck driver said.

Governor Cuomo banned all trucks with empty trailers from driving on the thru-way. Strong winds have the ability of blowing trucks over.

“Its dangerous. You got to watch what your doing and take heed of the warnings they give ya," Adrian Houghton, a truck driver said.

One driver didn’t listen to the trailer ban and was actually blown over near the Walden Galleria earlier Sunday.

Truck drivers who ignore the ban are likely doing so because time is money. After all, pulling over means these drivers aren't getting paid.

“Well no money can’t do nothing about it,” Corma said.

And some of these drivers at a Cheektowaga rest stop aren’t taking any chances. They actually have full trailers, but don’t feel safe driving.

“You have to stay put its unsafe,” Corma said.

High winds are predicted to last until early Monday morning.