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Stolen dog returns to family after theft was caught on camera

Posted at 1:38 PM, Dec 12, 2018

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Siberian Husky shown on camera being stolen on camera from a Manhattan Avenue yard has been found. The dog was turned into the Buffalo Animal Shelter this morning.

The family of Ryder, the husky, tells 7 Eyewitness News they have their dog back. The shelter scanned the dog for a microchip and because Ryder had one, they were able to reach out to the dog's family immediately. The dog is now home and safe.

Ryder's theft went viral on social media because the family had surveillance cameras that captured a dog napper stealing the dog on Friday.

  1. Professional dog trainer, Saundra Mercado, says there are a few steps you can take to improve security for your dog:
  2. Microchip your pet
  3. Install a six foot tall fence around your yard
  4. Install a padlock on the fence
  5. Avoid putting your dog's name on the the dog tag
  6. Have a pre-printed lost dog photo handy just in case
  7. Avoid discussing how expensive your dog was

“There are so many safe guards you can do, dogs are like family," Mercado says.

Ryder's family credits 7 Eyewitness News for their dog's safe return. Right now he person suspected of taking the dog has not been identified.

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