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Should you make Bills playoff travel plans yet?

Travel tips for going to a Bills playoff game
Posted at 6:58 PM, Dec 17, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Buffalo Bills fans are feeling the playoff fever, some are booking tickets to both wild-card games right now to avoid a rise in airline prices. The Bills will most likely play in Houston, but could be in Kansas City, or the less likely Nashville.

A scan of three travel sites shows the cheapest round trip to Houston is $544, and Kansas City is $435. If you're booking both cities right now, don't let a ticket's face value fool you. Airlines have different cancellation fees. Sarah Feldmann, a luxury travel consultant with AAA said to make sure you read those policies and price out how much you'll lose by canceling one flight.

She said Southwest Airlines doesn't charge a cancellation fee and gives you credit, instead, for future travel. She said JetBlue has a low cancellation fee.

Afraid of a hotel booking up quickly?

Feldmann said it's simple to cancel.

"So checking on your cancellation fees to make sure that it's not a full pre-pay and no cancellation, so that way you're sure that if you do have to cancel, or the city changes you'll be able to get your money back," Feldmann said.

For those who prefer Air BNB accommodations there is free cancellation up to 48 hours after booking.

Feldmann said she understands fans excitement, and if you book flights with cancellation policies than it's fine to book flights to multiple cities.

Another cost you may want to budget for, doing it all over again.