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Shea's theatre raises curtains to performances after being closed 547 days due to COVID-19

Shea's opens the season with Frozen the Musical.
Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 09, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Theater season has officially arrived.

It is hard to believe that it has been 547 days since the last curtain call at Shea's Performing Arts Center.

Even though the show is going on inside this iconic Main Street Theater, growing COVID-19 numbers have forced the cancellation of Buffalo's annual "curtain-up" celebration, and some theaters have decided to hold back on the start of the season.

Ahead of opening night, 7 Eyewitness News caught up with the actors of "Frozen the Musical" who said this will be an unforgettable theatre experience.

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However, before you step foot, there are some changes to keep you and your family safe.

The Shea's Buffalo Theatre is raising its curtains to bring Frozen to life, after 547 long days of being closed due to COVID-19.

"We're ready to go and ready to have people go nuts for this show," Robert Creighton, who plays Duke of Weselton said. "I have a scene at the beginning, where I get to meet, and Weselton comes in and meets Elsa and Anna, and he's there with a purpose of meeting the queen and rising above his station. First of all, the two Caroline's who play Anna and Elsa are just spectacular, so it's an honor to play on the stage with them."

He is a new Buffalonian, who now gets to perform in front of his two young kids in their new city.

"This theatre is spectacular. This is one of the premiere and touring spots in the world. I have two young kids who go to school at Amherst. A lot of their friends, or their kids don't even know what I do, so they're going to show up and be like, 'Hey, that's the guy who stands beside me when I'm picking up my kids from school,'" Creighton said. "That element is fun to be back in the show, and have my family there. My wife's family who grew up in Amherst. She's an Amherst High grad, and to have all of her friends and family at the show is going to be really exciting."

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Playing with him in the limelight is Caroline Bowman, who plays Elsa. Caroline Bowman said, "Playing Elsa is one of the greatest experiences of my career so far. I love her so much. I love her relationship with her sister, Anna. I love telling the story, I love going through Elsa's journey. I love everything about Frozen the Musical."

Something interesting to note is that there are a few nuggets in this musical that was not shown on the big screen.

Bowman said, "There's a really special moment in act II, where I sing a duet with my sister and it's just so beautiful. It's a brand new song. It really shows a lot about Anna and Elsa's relationship that is no shown in the movie. With that, there is 12 other songs in the musical that nobody has heard yet, other than in this stage production."

Before you get to see this cool crew, you are going to have to remember these things:

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Masks are required at all times, for all patrons, volunteers and staff whether you are vaccinated or not.

Concession will not operate during performances.

No outside food or beverage will be allowed in the theatre.

Every person entering the theatre must have a ticket. Children under two are not permitted.

Frozen at Shea's theatre

"I'm going to have to really work hard not to have tears in my eyes, because that's not appropriate for the show at that moment, but I know my emotions will be high because this is what I love to do most in the world and the fact that it's been gone for eighteen months, but now we're getting to do it again is thrilling," Creighton said.

Bowman added, "I truly, I didn't feel like myself this past year and a half, and I know so many artists feel that way and so I feel like I'm back home.""I feel so safe working for Disney. We get tested very frequently and everyday. Right now, we are getting tested and we are very, very careful. Everyone in the theatre wants to keep going," Bowman said.

Frozen opens at Shea's Performing Arts Center Friday, September 10 and runs through Friday, September 24. Tickets are still available thru the Shea's box office.