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Search continues for 13-year-old Jaylen Griffin

"He went missing at twelve years old. He's been gone since August of 2020. And there's still no information on his whereabouts."
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Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 00:25:38-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Search continues for 13-year-old Jaylen Griffin. A founder who works closely with Jaylen's family says he was last seen near Broadway and Spears in Buffalo in August 2020.

"He went missing at twelve years old. He's been gone since August, I think sixth or eighth of 2020, Kareema Morris, founder of Bury the Violence. "And there's still no information on his whereabouts. The family, who's a very close net family, is in a protective mode because they don't know who has Jaylen. They have no idea as to where he can really be.

Morris says the 13-year-old went to the store and didn't return home.

7 News reporter, Yoselin Person, went to the Aman Plaza Halal Food & Variety store and asked the owner if he had seen Jaylen.

"I don't remember because a lot of people is coming. A lot of people coming and going. I don't know either," the owner says.

Yoselin left the store, she saw another corner store Jaylen may have gone to as she was walking towards it. She stopped a teen and asked if he knew of Jaylen.

Yoselin: Have you heard that he was missing?
Nick: It was surprising because he was always in the area and stuff, and I wouldn't think of him being a person to go missing.
Yoselin: Why do you think that?
Nick: Because he's not a bad person. He's always with somebody, and nothing couldn't go wrong because he's always with somebody."

The 19-year-old also says the last week he saw Jaylen was a week before his disappearance.

"It was me, him and his older brother. We were right here at the corner store," Nick says.

Yoselin: When you say the corner store, you're talking about that one over there?
Nick: That one right there, yea".

Yoselin went to the Sears Food Enterprise Inc store.

The owner declined to speak, but she saw there were several surveillance cameras in the store and a flier of Jaylen.

Buffalo Police say they're working on finding him.

"Detectives are working digitally on the case. He has been registered with the national center for the missing exploited children, and we also reached out and received assistance from the FBI on the case, says Deputy Commissioner, Joseph Gramaglia of Buffalo Police."

13-year-old Jaylen Griffin:
5'3 and weighs 145 lbs.
Last seen near Broadway and Sears in August of 2020.
If you have any information, please call the confidential Tip Line at 716-847-2255 and Buffalo Police at 716-851-4444.
Link to Missing & Exploited Children.