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Police release footage of home attacks in Eden

Hillbrook Drive person of interest
Posted at 7:05 PM, Apr 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-07 19:05:04-04

EDEN, N.Y. (WKBW) — Eden Police continue to investigate the string of six attacks at three different homes on Hillbrook Drive over 7 months. That includes the latest attack that was at the home of Eden Town Supervisor, Melissa Hartman.

On Thursday Eden Police said there are still no suspects, as they continue to comb through surveillance footage with different agencies. Police believe the same man is involved in all six incidents.

Here's a timeline provided by police:

AUGUST 3, 2021
Eden Police say a 52-year-old man from Cheektowaga arrives at a home on Hillbrook Drive, and tells the resident that he needed to apologize for "disrespecting" a neighbor." Eden Police said the resident there didn't know what the Cheektowaga man was speaking about. The 52-year-old man then leaves in a silver sedan, and later denied the incident to police.

OCTOBER 12, 4:40 AM
An unidentified person throws a metal object through a different home on Hillbrook Drive, video captures a dark colored SUV speeding off.

OCTOBER 23, 3:38 AM
An unidentified person throws a metal object (below) through the home that the Cheektowaga man visited in August. A window is shattered, and surveillance captures a dark-colored SUV speeding off. Eden Police said, "different objects" are thrown at the same home three more times over the next five months. The last incident there was March 6.

MARCH 28, 3 AM
An object that looks like a pipe bomb, and has components that would go inside a pipe bomb, is thrown through the home of Town of Eden Supervisor Melissa Hartman. The object has messages on it related to Hartman's political career. Hartman says one message threatened her to drop out of the race for Erie County Clerk, or a real pipe bomb will end up in her home next. Police said the person who threw it, was on foot at the time.

"It's a concern to our friends, our family, and our neighbors," said Hartman on Thursday. 7 News spoke to her as she confirmed her candidacy to be the democratic representative for Erie County Clerk.

"I'm especially proud to solidify my candidacy today in the face of serious threats against my family and I," said Hartman. "I want to thank law enforcement for keeping us safe."

Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is asked to call the Town of Eden Police at 716-992-9211.