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Parents call for Frontier CSD to disobey state mask mandate

Posted at 11:59 PM, Sep 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-07 23:59:22-04

HAMBURG, N.Y. (WKBW) — Classes start on Wednesday for the Frontier Central School District. Like every other school district in the state, nearly all students will have to wear a mask for a majority of the school day.

Tuesday night, at a school board meeting, most parents who stood front and center, demanded masks be optional.

“The blood is going to be on your hands,” said one grandfather of students at Frontier.

The superintendent explained that the district’s hands are tied. He said the masks are to protect students and staff, and going against the mandate would put their state funding in jeopardy. He said the district is already short staffed.

“If our drivers fall or one of our staff gets quarantined and cannot come to school, I simply won't have anybody to put in front of your children to teach them,” said Superintendent Christopher Swiatek during the meeting.

Parents calling for unmasking, say the masks do more harm than good.

“It's also very clear that they're not in any danger, and to your point Mr Swiatek, I respect the fact that you're trying to protect your teachers and your staff, but they've had the opportunity to take the vaccine,” said parent, Marc Arena.

All but one speaker called for unmasking.

“Mask them. People are dying in Florida, in Texas. Kids are. We already have proof that masks work,” said an aunt to students in the Frontier district.

Parents who are against the mandate want the district to file a suit against the state, allowing families to have the choice.