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Orchard Park residents begin snow clean up

orchard park snow
Posted at 4:02 PM, Nov 21, 2022

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WKBW) — Orchard Park residents are breathing a sigh of relief on Monday after the worst is behind them.

"I'm happy it's over," Ava Varecka.

Orchard Park got slammed with more than 77 inches of snow.

"You could not get your car out that's for sure," one resident said.

Many of the OP residents took their first steps out of their home on Monday since the snow first started on Thursday night.

"My wife and three kids were all home so we just kind of hunkered down for the duration of it, so we're just all kind of emerging," Joe Cannon said.

Other residents, are still snowed in. Some had to climb to get in and out of their home. Varecka was shoveling out her father and grandfather's tenants who were trapped inside.

"They were trapped in for a couple days too, so I just got over here to shovel them out," she said.

7 News' Kristen Mirand asked if the driveway was just plowed on Sunday.

"Yes, so it's been not plowed for probably three days now," she replied.

Snow stacked high on top of cars has now become a familiar sight in OP as well.

"My car was covered with they say 77 inches of snow, so I'm just digging it out right now. Hopefully let the sun do a little work too," Cannon said.

While many people like Cannon took the day to clear out, other took the opportunity to get out and play.

"Just kind of playing outside a lot and enjoying the snow," said Mason Pici.

A lot of kids who were out sledding at Chestnut Ridge, were thrilled to be off school.

"Yeah! Tomorrow or today, this is great," Pici said.

If there is one thing OP residents can agree on, this was a lot of snow.

"My neighbors and I talked after 2014 and thought that was the storm of a lifetime, but we got another one 8 years later so, I hope we don't get another in one 8 years," Cannon said.

Snow in this area is now being cleared to the SUNY Erie Community College South Campus, where the snow continues to pile up.

According to the Orchard Park Public Works Department, as of Monday morning, the department is in the process of continuing to clear the roads and reopen the sidewalks.

Emery Whittmeyer told 7 News the department received assets from the county to help with plowing. He said they are checking in on elderly residents and are aiming to get roads open so contractors can get to people's homes.

The biggest advice he has for residents is although there is an itch to get outside, he asks people stay home so plows can continue to clear the roads so things can get back to normal.